Features: Consisting of 3 layers of polyurethane film (PU film), polyurethane foam (PU foam) and silicone adhesive layer. The product is soft, breathable, and good elasticity. The PU film and silicone layer are coated with glue, convenient to use.
Function: Protect, prevent water and microorganisms, absorb fluid well and maintain a moist environment in the wound bed to support the wound healing process; reduce pain when the dressing is changed and the number of dressing changes for patient. The silicone adhesive layer allows the dressing to be removed to observe the wound bed, so it can be peeled off and re-applied many times.

– HETIS Non-Border Silicone Foam is a sterile silicone foam dressing, 4 – 5mm thick, with 3 layers:

+ The upper layer (in contact with the air) is a semi-permeable PU (polyurethane film) film that prevents water, prevents microorganisms from entering, but still allows water vapor to escape and exchange oxygen (MVTR (moisture vapour transmission rate) ≥ 1500 g/m2.24h).
+ The middle layer is a hydrophilic PU (polyurethane foam) foam, which has high absorbent capacity (11-18g fluid/g dressing) and retains fluid in the dressing, helping to limit the number of dressing changes.
+ The lower layer (in direct contact with the wound bed and surrounding skin) is a perforated silicone layer (size 1.6 – 3.0mm) with low adhesion, gentle to the skin.

– When in contact with the wound bed, the middle layer of the HETIS Non-Border Silicone Foam dressing will absorb fluid and swell inward, occupying the concave part of the wound bed, thereby limiting the growth of microorganisms.

– Thanks to the special adhesive properties of the silicone layer, HETIS Silicone Foam allows to peel and apply many times without pain for the patient. In addition, HETIS Non-Border Silicone Foam also maintains a suitable moist environment for the wound bed, helping the healing process to take place faster.

– The product is sterilized by gamma rays, each piece is contained in a separate sterile bag.

– The product is convenient, easy to use and manipulate.

– Clean the wound bed and surrounding areas with a specialized solution. If using hydrogen peroxide to wash the wound bed, it is necessary to rinse it with physiological saline before placing dressing on the wound bed.

– Select the dressing suitable for each location, size and shape of the wound bed.

– Remove the dressing from the package, remove the bottom protective paper, then place the dressing in the center of the wound bed, make sure the dressing covers the entire wound bed, continue to remove the remaining paper, gently pat the film to adhere to the surrounding skin.

– Regularly follow the condition of the dressing and the wound bed.

– The frequency of dressing changes depends on the location, type, and the extent of the wound’s discharge and as prescribed by the treating doctor.

– Function: HETIS NON-BORDER SILICONE FOAM is used to absorb fluid, maintain a moist environment and stimulate the growth of granulation tissue to help wounds heal quickly.

– Indications for use: HETIS NON-BORDER SILICONE FOAM is indicated for moderate to heavy exudate wounds such as: chronic wounds, traumatic wounds, postoperative wounds, skin grafts…

Products are available in different sizes:

HNS-050050-R        50mmx50mm           1 piece/pack, 10 packs/box

HNS-100100-R        100mmx100mm       1 piece/pack, 10 packs/box

HNS-150150-R        150mmx150mm       1 piece/pack, 5 packs/box

HNS-200200-R        200mmx200mm       1 piece/pack, 5 packs/box