HETIS SILIPAD is a post-operative patch that protects the wound from external agents as well as microbial invasion. The transparent film, breathable, coated with a silicone glue, is suitable for sensitive skin and allows for easier observation of the wound condition.

– HETIS SILIPAD is a post-operative patch, consisting of 2 parts: the PU (polyurethane film) film coated with hypoallergenic silicone adhesive, a semi-permeable membrane, preventing water and microorganisms from entering but still allowing steam escape and oxygen exchange (MVTR (moisture vapor transmission rate) ≥ 500 g/m2.24h) and absorbent cotton pad (with a layer of non-stick PE coating).

– Features:
+ Ability to absorb exudate wound.
+ Does not stick to the wound bed, changing dressing is painless.
+ Protect the wound bed, waterproof, the patient can bathe and clean.
+ Non-irritating to the skin, the silicone glue has a light adhesion, suitable for sensitive skin.
+ Semi-permeable, transparent membrane makes it easy to monitor the suction level of the dressing.
+ Products are sterilized, packed in separate bags.
+ The product is convenient, easy to use.

– Clean the wound bed and surrounding areas with a specialized solution.

– Choose the dressing suitable for the location, shape, and size of the wound bed, should choose the dressing at least 2 cm wider than the wound bed.

– Remove the dressing from the package, gently separate the two edges of the lining paper to the sides to reveal the dressing, place the dressing on the wound bed. Completely separate the backing paper, gently stroke the dressing from the inside to the outside so that the dressing adheres to the skin, finally remove the upper PET film by peeling along the S-line in the middle.

– Regularly observe the condition of the dressing and the wound bed.

– The frequency of dressing changes depends on the actual wound and as prescribed by the treating physician.

HETIS SILIPAD is indicated for use in wounds:

– Shallow, dry wounds, abrasions, lacerations, minor burns.
– Skin grafting area.
– Can be used as a secondary tape for other dressing.

Products are available in different sizes:

Product code Size, mm Packaging
HSP060070R 60×70 1 piece/pack, 50 packs/box
HSP060090R 60×90 1 piece/pack, 50 packs/box
HSP100100R 100×100 1 piece/pack, 25 packs/box
HSP150150R 150×150 1 piece/pack, 25 packs/box
HSP200200R 200×200 1 piece/pack, 25 packs/box
HSP250250R 250×250 1 piece/pack, 25 packs/box
HSP090150R 90×150 1 piece/pack, 25 packs/box
HSP090200R 90×200 1 piece/pack, 25 packs/box
HSP090250R 90×250 1 piece/pack, 25 packs/box
HSP090300R 90×300 1 piece/pack, 25 packs/box
HSP090350R 90×350 1 piece/pack, 25 packs/box
HSP100120R 100×120 1 piece/pack, 25 packs/box
HSP150200R 150×200 1 piece/pack, 25 packs/box
HSP150250R 150×250 1 piece/pack, 25 packs/box

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