Ingredients: Consisting of a flexible polyurethane foam pad (PU foam) and a vapor permeable, moisture-proof outer film.
Functions: Barrier protection of water and bacteria, good exudate absorption, maintain moist wound environment, reduce the number of gauze changes and reduce pain for patients when changing dressing.

– HETIS PU FOAM is a sterile foam dressing, 5mm thickness, 2 layers structure:

+ The upper layer (in contact with the air) is a semi-permeable PU film (polyurethane film) that prevents water & microorganisms from entering the wound bed   but still allows steam to escape and exchange oxygen (MVTR (moisture transmitted steam ratio) ≥9000 g/m2.24 hours).
+ The lower layer (in contact with the wound) is PU foam (polyurethane foam) with hydrophilic properties, high ability to absorb exudate (11 – 18g fluid/g   dressing) and retain exudate in wound dressing, helping to limit the number of times to change dressing.

– The dressing is designed to not stick to the wound and help maintain a moist wound healing environment.

– HETIS PU Foam has a soft, flexible foam layer that helps patients feel comfortable to use, painless when changing dressing.

– The product is sterilized by gamma rays, each piece is contained in a separate sterile bag.

– The product is convenient, easy to use and manipulate.

– Clean the wound bed and surrounding areas with a specialized solution. If using hydrogen peroxide to wash the wound bed, it is necessary to rinse it with physiological saline before placing the dressing on the wound bed.

– Select dressing suitable for each location, size and shape of the wound bed.

– Remove the dressing from the package.

– Place the sponge side of the foam dressing in direct contact with the wound bed, making sure the dressing covers the entire wound as well as the surrounding skin.

– Use polyurethane film dressing or tape to protect and secure the dressing.

– The frequency of dressing changes depends on the location, type, the extent of the wound’s discharge and as prescribed by the treating physician.

– Function: HETIS PU FOAM is used to absorb fluid, maintain a moist environment and stimulate the growth of granulation tissue to help wounds heal quickly.

– Indications for use: HETIS PU FOAM is indicated for moderate to heavy exudate wounds such as: chronic wounds, traumatic wounds, postoperative wounds, skin grafts…

Products are available in different sizes:

HPU-050050-R   50mmx50mm      1 piece/pack, 10 packs/box

HPU-100100-R   100mmx100mm  1 piece/pack, 10 packs/box

HPU-150150-R   150mmx150mm  1 piece/pack, 5 packs/box

HPU-200200-R   200mmx200mm  1 piece/pack, 5 packs/box