SunLED Examination Light Provides a Cool LED Light With Shadow-Free Illumination and Pre-Selectable Color Temperature To Use

SunLED Examination Light


The SunLED Examination Light provides a cool LED light with shadow-free illumination and pre-selectable color temperature (3,500 / 4,000) to use in GYN, dermatology, orthopaedy, E.N.T., dentistry, outpatient clinic and general examination rooms. Thanks to the excellent performance of CRI and R9, SunLED allows medical staff to easily perceive the subtle, unadulterated detail and contrast between adjoining tissues. The SunLED lighthead is equipped with a sterile handle for adjusting the direction of light easily and quickly. The lighting control knob (SunLED 300) or touch panel (SunLED 600) is located at the side of the lighthead, which allows the user to turn the light ON/OFF and adjust the intensity.