Ultra-slim design, oval shape lighthead of SlimLED surgical light can be easy cleaning and operating.
Intuitive Lighting control provides superior lighting performance with 3 different modes.

The ultra-compact, oval-shape lighthead of SlimLED provides more workspace for the surgeon. It delivers the most stunning optical performance with the slimmest shape (6.5 cm at thickest point). SlimLED is lightweight and could be installed in minutes with less manpower, making the installation process an easy task.
SlimLED renders genuine colors (CRI=95) and true red tones (R9 value=95). Deep-cavity illumination remains consistent with shadow-free lighting standards. Ambient lighting is also available. The user can easily use the touch buttons on the control panel to adjust the electrical lighting focus control, intensity and lighting on/off. The homogeneous light cylinder can be adapted to various working distances to accommodate surgeon preferences and various surgical needs. The electrical lighting focus control (ELFC) is designed for 3 difference modes (Near Focus, Middle Focus and Tele Focus) for user application.