Mediland C800

C800 Electro-Hydraulic Operating Table provides whole new speed control experience to be appropriate for surgical procedures.


C800 is the revolution of the proven C Series of operating tables, which has been known for its quality, stability, and flexibility on the market for more than decades.Integrated with more than 30 years of expertise and clinical experience in the OR,Mediland presents a novel C800 Electro-Hydraulic Operating Table to the market.From its compact and delicate appearance to its distinctive features, C800 allows more precise positioning and speed control to improve work-flow and safety of patients.

  • Compact and neat appearance for easy cleaning and anti-corrosion: Sus 304 stainless-steel Telescoping column and base.
  • Pair of leg plates.
  • 4 swivel casters for effortless movement and facilitating the relocation of the table.
  • More foot room for exceptional access.
  • Anti-collision alert provides notice to prevent table damage from some movements of positioning.
  • Excellent radiolucent Carbon-fiber kidney elevator at 4-section tabletop: Auto-folding magnet gear bar allows unobstructed movements of C-arm.
  • mpression mattress: With Latex-free materials, the 6 cm thick pad outstandingly avoids allergies and manages pressure; the water-proof surface allows easy cleaning for contamination prevention.
  • Safety design of side rails: Anti-drop hook prevents detach of accessories to protect caregivers from accidental harm.
  • Auxiliary & Override control system with clear action indications for emergency cases.
  • Intuitive backlit hand controller for key operations (wireless available).
  • Better surgery experience of patients, Accurate progressive movements at start-up and leveling by automated speed reduction effectively reduces the vibration.
  • Intuitional safe protection anti-collision alert beeps the surgical table can automatically reduce the speed of movements.
  • Increase 30% efficiency of Auto-leveling movement when it comes to an emergency situation, the variable speed design will save more time than ever.


C800 C800K C800E
Extra Shoulder Section (E) N/A N/A
Carbon Fiber Built-in Kidney Elevator (K) N/A N/A
Electrical Sliding