Advanced wound care

Hetis Wound Care of Lavichem Co., Ltd. offers advanced skin care and wound care products used to manage acute and chronic wounds caused by diseases such as diabetes, immobility and venous disease , as well as from trauma, burns, invasive surgery and other causes.

Our comprehensive portfolio of advanced wound dressings includes antimicrobials and foam dressings, both used by healthcare professionals to manage aging-related chronic wounds , such as pressure ulcers, venous leg ulcers, and diabetic foot ulcers. We have also expanded our services in the acute wound area where the possibility of infection is a clinical and institutional concern, e.g. partial thick burns and surgical site incisions .

Key products include our premium line of Hetis Wound Care   ® products , featuring Hydrofiber ®  Technology   . These advanced dressings provide a wound contact layer that transforms into a gel upon contact with wound fluid, absorbing and retaining excess exudate (fluid emitted at the wound site) to help capture bacteria and create an optimal healing environment. Gel contours to the wound bed to help minimize dead space where bacteria can grow.

Hydrofiber ® technology   has helped professionals tackle the challenges of non-healing wounds and improve patients’ quality of life. Originally developed for wound management, the technology evolved with the addition of ionic silver to help manage and reduce the risk of wound infection and, most recently, the use of innovative Ag+ technology to combat biofilms. Wound learning – the main barrier to wound healing.

The benefits of this technology can now also be found in our Avelle   Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System  . Disposable products are designed to help patients become more active, helping them continue with their daily lives, both in and out of the home, as their wounds heal.

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