Surgical table and things you can’t miss

The operating table is one of the common equipment you cannot ignore in a clinic or hospital. But have you understood anything about this device yet? Let’s find out through the article below.

What is the operating table?

The operating table is also known as the operating table. This is a specialized equipment used in operating rooms at medical centers or hospitals. The patient lay on it during the operation.

The operating table is also known as the operating table

The operating table is currently divided into many different types, such as: electro-hydraulic multi-function operating table and electric operating table.

Depending on the nature of the surgery, there are main types of operating tables such as: Orthopedic operating table, caesarean section, neurosurgery table, cosmetic operating table…. Depending on the needs and nature of the surgery, you can choose a suitable operating table.

How many types of operating tables are there?

There are two main types of surgical tables on the market today:

Electric operating table

Electric operating table is a product line of operating table used quite commonly in hospital clinics. Before the advent of electro-hydraulic operating tables, it was very popular.

This type of operating table also has advantages that are hard to find in any other product line. Helps to adjust the head, legs, position so that the doctor can easily manipulate when performing surgery.

Electro-hydraulic multifunctional operating table

This is a high-end electric operating table that uses remote control and has a hydraulic support system. It helps users get the best experience. The control system is specially designed to prevent equipment overload and minimize the damage of overload pump motor.

The hydraulic system also helps the operating table withstand great gravity, and it also makes the lifting and lowering process smooth and easy to minimize jamming due to problems.

The electro-hydraulic operating table is designed with the main table body supporting the patient’s body

The electro-hydraulic operating table is designed with the main table body supporting the patient’s body. In addition, it also integrates the structure of two support arms, cushions, cover frames …. Bring the patient the most comfort and flexibility when lying down.

Function of electro-hydraulic operating table

Electro-hydraulic operating table is considered as one of the effective supporting devices of doctors to perform surgeries.

The electro-hydraulic multi-function operating table also includes: hydraulic multi-function operating table, orthopedic trauma operating table and radiosurgery operating table. 

The function of the electro-hydraulic operating table in general is to help the surgical process go smoothly and accurately. The doctor can adjust the distance, adjust the position as well as the patient’s posture. Electro-hydraulic operating table is the most modern type of operating table today, often equipped in operating rooms of hospitals, beauty salons…. 

Electro-hydraulic operating table also has many types from different brands. Depending on your economic conditions, you can choose a product that suits your needs. However, choose a product of a reputable brand to be assured of quality.

Above we have just introduced to you the popular types of surgical tables on the market. Hopefully the above information will help you gain a certain understanding of this product line.

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