What is cosmetic surgery table? Some things to know about plastic surgery table

At the present time, beauty is always a matter of concern for many women. Aesthetics here include many things such as: eyes, nose, breasts, buttocks …. And that’s why the demand for cosmetic surgery tables is increasing. This article will help you have a brief understanding of the plastic surgery table.

What is cosmetic surgery table?

Aesthetic surgery table is one of the specialized tools indispensable in the clinics of professional cosmetology facilities. This is the table for the patient to lie on during the plastic surgery procedure. These can be mentioned as: eyelid press, liposuction, breast pump, chin implant, ….

Aesthetic surgery table is one of the indispensable specialized tools in modern rooms

Currently, due to the increasing quality of life, the demand for beauty is being focused. The need for beauty becomes a necessity for everyone not only in women but also in men. That’s why the plastic surgery table is appearing a lot in the operating rooms of the establishment, the cosmetic hospital

This specialized table will fix the patient’s position when lying down and help the doctor easily access the surgical sites near the patient. Easily perform operations in the most professional way. 

Besides, this plastic surgery table also has the function of rotating and adjusting to suit the operation of the doctor. Great contribution to the success of the surgery.

Why use cosmetic surgery table?

As mentioned above, this is one of the indispensable specialized tools in any clinic or a professional cosmetology facility.

This table will fix the patient’s position so that the doctor can conduct the procedure with absolute precision. It is possible to raise the head, fold the legs, rotate the angle …. Many types of tables also integrate many additional techniques such as creating micro images, lights …

Currently, cosmetic facilities use two main types of plastic surgery tables: electric plastic surgery tables and electro-hydraulic plastic surgery tables. Depending on the conditions as well as the nature of the plastic surgery, the facility will choose a suitable table.

Currently, cosmetic facilities use 2 types of plastic surgery tables

How to choose the right plastic surgery table?

This fit factor is based on a lot of different small factors that you need to consider. A suitable plastic surgery table is when:

  • Coming from a reputable brand that has received the trust and confidence of many cosmetic establishments.
  • Secondly, it integrates many modern functions that can be adjusted up and down, folded, rotated, and micro-image mode to help the aesthetic process take place quickly and with absolute efficiency.
  • Third, help the doctor contact the position to be performed easily and accurately.
  • Finally, the price is suitable for the conditions of the aesthetic facility.

Currently, the plastic surgery table is increasingly appearing. If you are in need of buying this table to serve the construction of your aesthetic base, please learn carefully about its function, use as well as its brand price.

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