Overview of things to know about surgical lights

Surgical lights, also known as operating lights, are mainly used in surgical sections or surgery and aesthetic centers with the role of providing light to perform surgery. Below we will help you get an overview of surgical lights.

What is a surgical light?

Surgical lights are also known as surgical lights. This type of lamp is commonly used in operating rooms or surgery centers, cosmetic hospitals where high-quality lighting is required such as emergency rooms or delivery rooms, ….

Surgical lights are also known as surgical lights

Surgical lights are used to create optimal light for the surgeon to perform surgery. This type of lamp provides light for many hours without heat affecting patients as well as doctors.

This model will meet the requirements to provide optimal viewing light during surgery. In addition, it is also used in examination procedures, while the operating light is often used for surgery.

Classification of current surgical lamps

Currently on the market there are many types of surgical lights, each with a different role to help provide light before and after surgery.

Based on the mounting point, the following types of lights are available:

Ceiling Suspended Surgical Light

This type of lamp is a specialized lamp used in complex major surgeries that require a lot of light for the doctor to observe and manipulate accurately. Operating lamp control is done with the control button on the body side of the lamp

This type of lamp is a specialized lamp used in complex major surgeries that require a lot of light

With the help of the remote, one can adjust the intensity of the light as well as the operating area of ​​the lamp. The type of wall-mounted surgical light is usually LED because it will help doctors limit eye strain during long surgeries. Because of its high luminous intensity, it can detect the smallest molecules even color changes in skin tissues.

Wall mounted surgical light

This type of lamp is used for surgery, research cases or diagnosis, medical examination …. This type of lamp also uses LED light. Both energy saving and high light durability.

Portable surgical light

This type of surgical light with movable wheels can move through many different spaces. Especially spaces that need flexibility. This type of lamp is used in operating rooms, minor surgery, emergency rooms, embryo transfer or oocyte retrieval.

This model includes a lamp head, a handle holder and a set of movable wheels.

Sort by bulb type

If classified by type of light bulb, there will be 2 main types: ordinary incandescent lamps, led bulbs …

Some requirements of surgical lights

A good surgical lamp will meet the following criteria:

  • Firstly, the luminance of the lamp head should not exceed 160,000 Lux .
  • Lamp head diameter is about 400-700m, lamp weight is about 45kg
  • Lamp weight will vary with the number of lamp heads
  • Lamp life is calculated by the conventional value L70 is the light time
  • Modern operating lights can be used for about 40,000 to 60,000 hours.

Above are some general things about surgical lights. Hope to help you get the necessary and sufficient

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