Revealing how to take care of the wound without leaving a scar

What to do to take care of the wound without leaving a scar

  • Wash the wound

The way to take care of the wound without leaving a scar is to first clean and soothe the wound with clean water. Next, disinfect a tweezer with alcohol, use tweezers to remove debris or foreign objects on the wound, gently wash the surrounding skin with soap and dry with a clean towel.

Note that you should not use irritants such as: soap with a rough surface, hydrogen peroxide, iodine or alcohol to clean the wound. If you use hydrogen peroxide/alcohol to clean the wound, it can damage tissues and make it take longer to heal.

  • Dressing

For minor wounds, no dressing is required. Allowing the wound to air out will better promote natural healing.

The dressing works to prevent the entry of dirt, bacteria or some other irritant. This will also help keep the wound moist in the early days of the injury, helping the wound heal faster. However, you should pay attention not to bandage too tightly, it will make the circulatory system difficult to circulate. This will be very helpful with large wounds and skin abrasions. Bandaging the wound with appropriate topical medication minimizes the possibility of scarring and prevents skin infections.

  • Do not peel the wound

As soon as you get injured or scratched, your body will begin the healing process. These white blood cells will fight the invasion of bacteria. At the same time, red blood cells, fibrin, and platelets combine to form blood clots on the wound. You will easily notice that around the wound will begin to form a film and this film will help you not to leave scars on the skin that is being injured. If, when itching, your hand peels off this film, you will reopen the mouth of the wound, creating favorable conditions for bacteria to start entering the body, which will also contribute to the creation of large scars. than the original wound.

So you should let this scab or membrane fall off naturally to help the wound heal faster without worrying about leaving a bad scar.

Wound care without leaving scars

  • Sunscreen

Many of you wonder how to take care of the wound without leaving a scar?

In fact, preventing sun exposure to scars is extremely important to fade and prevent them from becoming darker. You should use creams for sensitive skin that will be suitable for your new skin through your damage.

  • Reasonable diet

 In order to take care of the wound without leaving a scar, quickly healing, you should supplement with adequate and necessary nutrients through a reasonable diet, which is extremely important, greatly affecting the scarring or not.

  • Add foods rich in protein: because Protein will contribute to faster skin regeneration, increase collagen production and create new blood. Therefore, when it is necessary to regenerate the skin and let the wound heal quickly, we should provide more protein than usual, but we should not overdo it. Some foods are very rich in protein, such as meat, soybeans, fish, etc.
  • Add foods containing vitamins B and C to accelerate the regeneration process, restore the skin and increase the body’s resistance such as: cauliflower, beans, oranges, apples…
  • Supplementing trace elements from zinc, foods such as fish, milk, … to fight infections, promote wound healing.

 In addition to the above necessary foods, patients should limit the following foods to avoid further scarring:

  • Chicken and seafood cause itching and pain for healing wounds
  • Beef leaves dark scars
  • Sticky clothes cause pus to the wound
  • Water spinach will leave keloid scars
  • Hot spicy foods, dry foods and stimulants: all these foods and drinks do not contain vitamins, causing dehydration and electrolyte disturbances, which is not good for the wound. during treatment

Reasonable lifestyle

In addition to the nutritional factor, the lifestyle also needs to be ensured for the wound to recover soon and not to leave a scar. We need to rest, get enough sleep, avoid stress and exercise vigorously while the wound is healing.

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