Traditional gauze and advanced gauze in wound care

Gauze is an indispensable tool in wound care. Over the centuries, humans have continuously improved the types of wound care gauze, from the use of natural materials such as mud and plants in prehistoric times to the synthesis of production materials. gauze like today.

A gauze is a sterile pad used to cover a wound to prevent harmful agents from entering the wound and to promote wound healing.

Thanks to the development of technology, there are now thousands of different gauze products in the world. Although there are many such products, they can be divided into two groups: traditional gauze and advanced gauze.

1. Traditional gauze

Traditional gauze is a type of gauze made from cotton, rayon or polyester fibers, with the function of stopping bleeding, absorbing fluid, reducing the risk of infection and drying the wound.

The advantage of this type of gauze is that it is cheap and popular, so it can be easily found in pharmacies.

However, it also has the disadvantage that the ability to absorb fluid is not high, so it is only suitable for light wounds, with little fluid, not suitable for heavy and fluid wounds because when used with wounds with a lot of fluid, the patient will gauze must be changed frequently. Besides, because gauze fibers often stick to the wound, it will cause secondary injuries to the patient. This is the reason why the wound heals slowly and causes the patient pain, anxiety and stress every time the gauze is changed.

2. Advanced gauze

Advanced gauze are gauze made from synthetic polymers such as foam, alginate, hydrocolloid, etc. and can be impregnated or not.

The advantage of this type of gauze is that it has good ability to absorb fluid, create a suitable moist environment for granulation tissue to develop, as well as facilitate the normal oxygen exchange of the wound. The wound healing process takes place faster and better. Not only that, the advanced gauze is also designed to adhere firmly to the skin around the wound without sticking to the wound, so that the patient feels comfortable and comfortable when using the gauze, without pain or damage. secondary injury each time the gauze is changed. Some advanced gauze types are also impregnated with chemicals such as antiseptics that treat infected wounds or some types of gauze are made from biological substances with very good hemostatic effects such as chitosan.

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