The most common types of surgical tables today

The operating table, also known as the operating table, is one of the indispensable tools in the operating room. So do you know anything about this type of table yet? And what kind of tables does it include? Let’s find out through the following article.

What is the operating table?

The operating table, also known as the operating  table, is one of the specialized equipment used in the operating rooms of hospital clinics or emergency centers. Or for example, health care centers that conduct surgeries

The patient will lie there for the duration of the operation. This type of table is designed to be fixed or movable from room to room and is used for many purposes such as: eye surgery, cardiovascular surgery, orthopedic or urological trauma…

What is the function of the operating table? Classification of operating table

The function of the operating table

Operating tables with different specifications and designs will have different functions. For example, there are operating tables designed for general use, but there are also operating tables specifically designed for orthopedic treatment.

Multi-function operating table

Multi-function operating table

During the operation, the patient will lie in front of this bed. And the task of this table is to fix the patient in a place so that the doctor can easily perform the operation. Besides, it also helps the doctor move the patient’s body parts through the use of accessories and access the surgical site more easily.

In addition, there are a number of specialized operating tables for cardiovascular, gynecological, pediatric, orthopedic surgery, etc. The variety in surgery is limited because of the body index, so the operating table is an indispensable device in the ward.

Classification of operating table

The following main types of operating tables are available :

Multi-function operating table

This type of table is multi-purpose used for many different specialized operations such as: cardiac surgery, pediatrics, gallbladder, cosmetology …. Extremely flexible design. The height can be adjusted, the length can also be tilted to the side and tilted horizontally. The head section is also removable and can be replaced with many other headrest accessories.

Orthopedic trauma operating table

This table model is used for orthopedic surgery. This desk model is designed to be easy to operate and has the necessary mobility. The doctor needs to control the accuracy and flexibility in maneuvering the patient’s position for the surgery to be successful.

Radioactive operating table

Electro-hydraulic operating table

Electro-hydraulic operating table

This type of operating table has a special feature that it allows X-rays to pass through. This type of table is designed for invasive procedures requiring fluoroscopy. Some procedures include endovascular, vascular, or pain management. This type of table is an ideal choice for operations that require high quality and sharp images.

 Notes when choosing the operating table

Although there is no perfect operating  table, choosing the right operating table is especially important for patient safety. It greatly affects the success of the surgery.

To choose the correct surgical board, you should clearly determine factors such as: patient risk, ability to locate, type of minor surgery and time to perform. Besides, it should also be based on the flexibility of the operating table, ease of use, reliability and the ability to replace accessories….

Above we have just provided you with some necessary information about the operating table . Hopefully this information will help you gain a certain understanding of this type of medical instrument.

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