Notes when choosing orthopedic surgery table

Currently, the movement of sports activities in young people or the decline in bone function in the elderly is a matter of great interest to many people. AND to improve that degenerative condition, orthopedic surgery is an extremely necessary thing. Here are some notes when choosing an orthopedic surgery table you should not ignore.

What does orthopedic surgery include?

In young people, the practice of sports or vigorous movement during work leads to bone and joint damage. In the elderly, with age, bone mass function declines. This leads to painful discomfort for the patient in moving or personal activities. 

Orthopedic surgery table is of great interest to many people

And to improve that situation, orthopedic surgery plays an extremely important role. So what does orthopedic surgery include?

  • Hip replacement surgery
  • Knee replacement surgery
  • Shoulder surgery
  • Bone graft surgery
  • Surgery related to the spine

What is orthopedic surgery table?

Orthopedic surgery table is a specialized instrument designed specifically for operating rooms. This type of table has the function of immobilizing the patient’s position so that the doctor can perform the most delicate procedures. With this type of table, the doctor will be able to control every movement of the patient that may affect the surgery

Currently, orthopedic surgery tables include two main types: electro-hydraulic orthopedic surgery tables and electro-hydraulic orthopedic surgery tables.

Overall this is a device that integrates many functions including:

  • Shoulder plate for electro-hydraulic adjustment
  • Built-in traction bar for injury extension adjustment
  • Photographing the surgery
  • Special posture for spine-related procedures

Notes when choosing orthopedic surgery table

There are many brands of orthopedic surgery tables on the market

When choosing an orthopedic surgery table, you should base on a few key factors as follows:


Currently on the market there are many brands of orthopedic surgery tables that can come from Europe, can also come from Korea…. Depending on your needs, budget and suitability, you can choose. give yourself the right brand name.


As mentioned above, there are two main types of orthopedic surgery tables: electro-hydraulic orthopedic surgery tables and electric orthopedic surgery tables. Depending on your needs and consider the suitability, you can choose one of these two types of tables.


Each type of orthopedic surgery table with different functions and brands, the price will be different. Therefore, depending on the economic level, you can choose a different type of orthopedic surgery table.

Above we have just given some notes when choosing orthopedic surgery table. Hopefully it will help you choose the most suitable and useful product for the correct surgery.

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