Features: HETIS CALCIUM ALGINATE dressing is extracted from seaweed, when in contact with exudate wound it immediately forms a gel layer to help the dressing not stick to the wound bed.
Function: highly absorption; Maintain a moist environment for faster wound healing.

– HETIS CALCIUM ALGINATE is a sterile Calcium Alginate dressing, extracted from seaweed, with the ability to absorb 15-20 times the weight of the dressing. When in contact with the wound bed, HETIS CALCIUM ALGINATE absorbs fluid and immediately forms a bio-gel membrane to help maintain a moist environment and stimulate the growth of granulation tissue to help the wound heal faster. Thanks to the gel layer created, the dressing does not stick to the wound bed, helping the patient to not feel pain every time the dressing is changed.

– HETIS CALCIUM ALGINATE also has a hemostatic effect in small blood vessels because dressing releases calcium ions into the wound bed.

– The product is sterilized by gamma rays, each piece is contained in a separate sterile bag.

– The product is convenient, easy to use and manipulate.

– Clean the wound bed and surrounding areas with a specialized solution.

– Dry the wound bed with sterile cotton and gauze.

– Choose the dressing suitable for each location, size and shape of the wound bed.

– Remove the dressing from the package, then place the dressing in the center of the wound bed, making sure the dressing covers the entire wound bed as well as the surrounding skin.

– Use transparent film dressing or tape to protect and fix dressing. Check the dressing and wound bed daily if the wound bed is infected.

– Change the dressing after 5-7 days or when the wound exudes pus and seeps into the secondary dressing.

– When changing the dressing, if the dressing sticks to the wound bed, use physiological saline to wet the dressing before removing it.

– Function: HETIS CALCIUM ALGINATE is used to absorb fluid, maintain a moist environment and stimulate the growth of granulation tissue to help wounds heal quickly.
– Indications for use: HETIS CALCIUM ALGINATE is indicated for moderate to heavy exudate wounds such as: chronic wounds, traumatic wounds, postoperative wounds, skin grafts…

Products are available in different sizes:

HCA-050050-R        50mmx50mm           1 piece/pack, 10 packs/box

HCA-100100-R        100mmx100mm       1 piece/pack, 10 packs/box

HCA-150150-R        150mmx150mm       1 piece/pack, 5 packs/box

HCA-200200-R        200mmx200mm       1 piece/pack, 5 packs/box

HCA-025350-R        25mmx350mm         1 piece/pack, 5 packs/box