Some standards about the caesarean table you should know

C-section table is one of the indispensable equipment in the delivery room. C-section tables also have certain standards. And in this article, we will introduce you to the necessary standards for the cesarean table.

What is a caesarean section?

The cesarean table is a specialized bed used in obstetric clinics and hospitals.

The cesarean table is a specialized bed used in obstetric clinics

This product is produced to assist doctors in the process of delivering labor for pregnant women. Able to fold and raise the head, legs…. Helping doctors to approach pregnant women easily and accurately and accurately. Make the caesarean section a complete success.

C-section table standards

In addition to international standards, cesarean tables must meet the requirements of TCVN 6733:2000 set by the Ministry of Science and Information Technology.

Includes 4 basic mandatory standards as follows:

Firstly, the operating table must ensure ease of adjustment. The required load is over 100kg and stabilizing the patient’s position to ensure convenience for surgery. The cesarean table can be made of plain steel or stainless steel that won’t deform or vibrate. Especially it must withstand hot and humid environments.

The operating table must ensure ease of adjustment

Second, the mattress of the bed must be firmly fixed to the table top, easily removable and waterproof, and other liquids. The mattress of the bed in the shoulder, flank, and thigh support assemblies must have a minimum thickness of 12mm, in the leg and arm support assemblies, the thickness must be at least 50mm

Third, the bracket part must be designed to be flexible and easy to disassemble. During surgery, the bracket must be fixed or loosened under the control of the doctor, not automatically up and down or rotated.

Finally, the small details such as screws, nuts, round heads are polished or powder coated and nickel plated.

Notes when buying a caesarean section

When buying a caesarean section, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

Firstly, choose a reputable brand. Currently, there are many brands of cesarean tables on the market, you should choose for yourself a reputable brand to be assured of quality.

Second, choose the type of cesarean table with a unique design that can be adjusted easily. There are accompanying accessories for good patients

Finally, choose an affordable caesarean section. Tailored to your needs and conditions.

The caesarean section table is one of the popular specialized equipment in the obstetrical clinic, or obstetric hospital. Hopefully, it will help you better understand this type of cesarean table and choose a suitable table.


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