Common types of operating tables in medicine you should know

Currently, there are many types of operating tables  and corresponding to many specialized types of surgery. But which type of operating table has the best function and is the most chosen by surgeons? To answer that question, first let’s learn about the common types of operating tables in medicine today.

Distinguishing fixed operating table and mobile operating table

Fixed operating table

This type of operating table has its legs attached directly to the operating room floor. It is designed with modular components that can be disassembled according to needs

It can be used with systems such as: diagnostic imaging. This table can be rotated 360 degrees. However, it does not optimize the frequency of use of the operating room, which cannot be moved between rooms, besides, to move patients from the operating room, it is also necessary to move down to a table or bed with wheels, so it is very inconvenient.

Mobile operating table

Mobile operating table

This type of desk has heard its name and has seen its versatility. This type of table is suitable for any size of the hospital room and can be moved to the most suitable position. This type of desk is designed with modular components that can be easily added or removed depending on the purpose. But its only limitation is the narrow legroom, which may make it difficult for doctors to approach patients 

Operating table pictures

This specialized imaging operating table will accommodate advanced medical imaging procedures. sophisticated imaging procedures minimize the use of exploratory surgery. Instead, it gives patients more options for less invasive surgical solutions

To choose an operating table for imaging, what you need to do is find a table that allows imaging methods such as: 

  • Any type of fluoroscopy including vascular procedures
  • Any procedure that requires expansion of the catheter tray
  • Procedures that require head/foot slope, left/right tilt or height adjustment
  • Create specialized 3D images

Neurosurgery table

This table is suitable for neurological procedures that require precision. It must therefore provide good patient access. May be exposed to special locations. In addition, this type of table also helps specialists to precisely control the movements that the patient makes

The incorrect adjustment of the operating table position can lead to affecting the surgical procedure. Therefore, any movement of the table must go through two adjustment steps. This way the table will not be moved incorrectly.

The neurosurgery table provides specific functions such as:

  • Posture adjustment in a wide range, such as lifting/lowering the back support, horizontal sliding, left/right tilting, vertical sliding, etc.
  • Electro-hydraulic operation with mechanical control for head and foot support
  • The foot control function allows doctors and medical staff to perform delicate movements without using their hands. 

Obstetrics and Gynecology operating table

The operating table for urology and cysts is designed to give the doctor access to the patient to perform the most sophisticated procedure. It helps the doctor to precisely control the movements needed to complete the procedure as quickly as possible.

The advantages of this type of table are:

  • Maximize C-arm accessibility in photography
  • Adjusting posture for artificial insemination
  • There is the possibility of translucency in Brachytherapy

Orthopedic trauma operating table

Neurosurgery table

The need for chiropractic care is increasing, especially in the elderly due to reduced bone mass. Orthopedic operating table is one of the indispensable equipment in orthopedic clinics. Because it has features that bring comfort to patients during their surgery: hip or knee replacement, shoulder operation…

The main function of this type of neurosurgery table is:

  • Shoulder plate for electro-hydraulic adjustment
  • Built-in pull bar for injury extension adjustment
  • Easy photo creation
  • Special posture for spinal procedures

Above we have just pointed out some common types of operating tables in medicine you should know. Hopefully it will help you be able to distinguish the types of operating tables used for different specialized surgeries.

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