Caring for a car accident that heals surprisingly quickly

Caring for a fall injury- Determine the extent 

After falling from a car, you need to stay calm and determine the extent of the injury to have effective and appropriate ways to handle scratches and injuries. 

Most car falls will cause minor hand, foot, and knee injuries and you can treat them yourself at home without having to go to the hospital for treatment.

Minor injuries such as: 

  • The wound is not open/broken and does not bleed too much.
  • The wound is not so deep that fat-muscle or bone is visible.
  • The injuries are just minor scratches.

But if unfortunately your wound is quite deep, bleeding a lot, you need to immediately go to the nearest medical facility for proper care and treatment. 

In particular, if you have not been vaccinated against tetanus within the past 5 years, but the foreign body causes sharp and dirty wounds, you should immediately go to a medical facility to get vaccinated against tetanus. 

Car accident care- First aid and wound treatment 

After falling from a car, there are scratches, you need to quickly conduct first aid and treat the wound to minimize the risk of possible risks such as non-stop bleeding or worse infection. wound… 

The first aid steps in the event of a car crash are as follows:

  • Step 1: Stop the bleeding of the wound

– Use a bandage / gauze or clean towel to put on the wound, then gently press, keep it on the wound to stop the bleeding. 

– This is the first first aid step that needs to be taken to minimize the possibility of the wound becoming worse due to a lot of blood loss.

– If after about 10 minutes of performing first aid, the blood still does not stop flowing from the wound, you need to quickly take the patient to a medical facility for prompt care. 

  • Step 2: Clean and remove any foreign objects

– When falling from a car, bleeding: the body, limbs are likely to have wounds and not have foreign bodies stuck inside the wound. These foreign bodies can be: soil – sand – dirt, debris, gravel, crushed stone on the road surface. 

-First you need to continuously flush the wound to be able to clean all the dirt that may be around the wound.

– After that, you can use tweezers to gently remove foreign bodies in the wound to avoid causing deep damage to the muscle tissue in the skin.

Note: It is necessary to wash and disinfect the tweezers with an antiseptic alcohol solution before use. In case there are large foreign bodies or are stuck deep inside the wound that cannot be removed, you need to immediately go to medical facilities for timely treatment and care.

  • Step 3: Blot the wound dry

After the wound has been cleaned, you should use a clean towel to gently pat the wound dry. Do not forcefully wipe the wound to avoid further unnecessary damage.

  • Step 4: Use wound ointments

– Wound ointments can help reduce the chance of infection of the wound and help the wound heal more quickly.

– With some topical medications that will contain antibiotic ingredients, attention should be paid to the correct dosage and usage along with the hya product as prescribed by the doctor.

Stop using topical medications immediately when the wound shows signs of an allergic reaction such as itching, redness, swelling, etc.

  • Step 5: Cover the wound with gauze

– During the recovery period, the wound should be covered with clean cloths to avoid dirt, irritation from clothing / worse possibly infection. 

– You can fix the gauze with elastic tape to avoid shifting the bandaged position.

How to relieve pain when falling from a car

When falling from a car, even at the level of serious – mild injury, it will bring a sense of pain and cause a lot of inconvenience in daily life for the injured person. 

So to reduce the pain caused by the injury you can do the following ways: 

  • First aid, proper and timely treatment of wounds

Helps the wound recovery process go more smoothly, reduces pain at the wound site as well as limits unnecessary damage.

  • Care for car injuries carefully during recovery:

It is necessary to regularly check the wound while it is in the recovery process so that it can be treated when there are signs / symptoms of an infected wound or the wound worsens. 

Along with that, you need to pay attention to a diet full of vitamins and minerals. Should limit the use or abstain from foods such as: sticky rice, chicken, water spinach, seafood, beef to shorten the healing time, minimize the pain sensation for the wound.

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